17th Exchange Meeting

Status of the long-term management of radioactive waste in Belgium:
The cAt project in Dessel and the Waste Plan for B&C waste

Wednesday 7 December 2011

13:30 Welcome & Introduction
          Peter De Preter (EIG EURIDICE)

13:40 The cAt project in Dessel: a long-term solution for Belgian category A waste
          Rudy Bosselaers (ONDRAF/NIRAS)

15:00 The Waste Plan for the long-term management of B&C waste: objectives, process and conclusions
          Philippe Lalieux (ONDRAF/NIRAS)

15:45 Increasing the societal process for the B&C waste programme
          Sigrid Eeckhout (ONDRAF/NIRAS)

16:00 Impact of the Waste Plan on the RD&D programme for B&C waste
          Maarten Van Geet (ONDRAF/NIRAS)