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This "scientific outcome" part of the website provides information on the most important research projects undertaken by EIG EURIDICE since 1995. For each project listed in the green content bar (left), you will find the context, the general objectives, the main outcome, a concise summary and a list of relevant references. All information is in English and focuses on the scientific results.

In addition, the "EXPERIMENTS - overview" section lists all important experiments that were performed in HADES or at EURIDICE - by different research teams - and shows their experimental set-up.

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onderzoek constructie onderzoek instrumentatie THM
Excavation and construction  Instrumentation and monitoring THM behaviour of clay

The research activities of EURIDICE include:

  • Demonstration of the technical feasibility of building an underground disposal infrastructure in poorly indurated clay formations, comprising access shafts, main galleries and disposal galleries.
  • Study of the excavation-damaged zone in the clay formations around the galleries and its potential impact on the performance of the disposal system.
  • Study of the thermal impact of heat-emitting high-level waste, at different scales, on the favourable characteristics of the clay formations as a host rock for a disposal facility.


These activities have enabled EURIDICE to acquire expertise in excavation and construction techniques and in the thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) behaviour of clay. EURIDICE’s wealth of experience over many years in the use of sensors for monitoring the in-situ experiments is its third main area of expertise. A more general introduction to EURIDICE’s different fields of expertise is given in the RESEARCH section of this website.

Another significant proportion of the research activities in HADES are carried out by SCK CEN‘s expert groups, Waste & Disposal and Radiological Impact & Performance Assessments, with the support of EURIDICE in developing and setting them up. Information about the outcome of this SCK CEN research is not included on this website and can be found on the webpages about these expert groups on the SCK CEN website.