16th Exchange Meeting

Status of the PRACLAY SEAL and HEATER experiment

Thursday 25 November 2010

13:30 Welcome & Introduction
          Peter De Preter (EIG EURIDICE)

13:45 The design of the PRACLAY Seal and Heater tests and the role of the hydraulic Seal
          Xiangling Li (EURIDICE)

14:30 The installation of the PRACLAY hydraulic Seal
          Philippe Van Marcke (EURIDICE)

15:15 Scoping calculations for PRACLAY Seal design
          Chen Guangjing (EURIDICE) 

15:40 PRACLAY Seal: Instrumentation & Sensor data
          Jan Verstricht (EURIDICE)

16:00 The heating system for the PRACLAY Experiment
          Wim Bastiaens (EURIDICE)