20th Exchange Meeting

The PRACLAY Heater test - First results after one and a half years of heating

Mercredi 4 mai 2016

13:30  Welcome
           Marc Demarche, chairman of the board of EIG EURIDICE

13:40  Objectives of the PRACLAY Heater test and the importance for the R&D programme on geological disposal
           Maarten Van Geet (ONDRAF/NIRAS)

13:50  From small-scale heater tests to the large-scale PRACLAY Heater test
          Séverine Levasseur (ONDRAF/NIRAS), Xiangling Li (EIG EURIDICE)

14:20  Monitoring and data management of the PRACLAY Heater test
           Jan Verstricht (EIG EURIDICE)

14:40  First results PART 1 - Observations during one and a half year of heating
           Arnaud Dizier (EIG EURIDICE)

15:30  First results PART 2 - Comparison with the blind predictions
           Guangjing Chen (EIG EURIDICE)

16:00  Possible impact of temperature on the chemical characteristics of the Boom Clay
           Norbert Maes (SCK•CEN)

16.30  Conclusions
          Peter De Preter, director EIG EURIDICE