Management Board

EIG EURIDICE is governed by a four-person board. ONDRAF/NIRAS and SCK CEN each appoint two board members for a period of three years. The Chairman of the Board is appointed by ONDRAF/NIRAS. The Secretary of the Board and the Director of EURIDICE attend meetings in an advisory capacity.

The board members are as follows (June 2019- June 2021):

Marc Demarche, Chairman, Director-General of ONDRAF/NIRAS
Philippe Lalieux, Long Term Waste Management director of ONDRAF/NIRAS
Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK CEN
Hildegarde Vandehove, Manager of SCK CEN's Institute for Environment, Health and Safety


Responsibility for the day-to-day management of EURIDICE lies with the Director and the Scientific Manager, who are appointed by ONDRAF/NIRAS and SCK CEN, respectively. They are supported in their task by the Operations & Safety Manager and the Communication & Knowledge Manager. 


EIG EURIDICE is an economic partnership between SCK CEN and ONDRAF/NIRAS, both of which provide its personnel. Besides the Director, who is appointed by ONDRAF/NIRAS, most of the team members are under contract to SCK CEN