EXPERIMENTS - overview

The table below gives an overview of past and present experiments conducted in HADES or on surface at EIG EURIDICE. By clicking on the names of the experiments, the experimental set-up will be shown.

All experiments are performed by EIG EURIDICE and research untis of SCK CEN, often in close collaboration with other international research groups. Experiments managed by EURIDICE are explained more in detail in the scientific outcome part of this website.

The European Commission has played a crucial part in the development and implementation of a great many experiments and tests. The experiments and projects that have benefited from EU support, within the R&D Framework Programmes, are marked with a European flag in the list shown below. In some cases, the project phase has ended but the measurement data are still being monitored or the experimental set-ups are being re-used as part of the Belgian research programme on geological disposal.

EC   1991-1995    

Study of pore water chemistry of Boom Clay

ATLAS I, II, III, IV     1992-  

Study of hydro-mechanical properties of clay when subjected to heat

BACCHUS I, II  EC   1988-1995  

Study of clay as a backfill material

CACTUS I, II     1990-1994  

Study of hydro-mechanical properties of clay when subjected to heat

CERBERUS     1985-1999  

Effect of radiation, heat and mechanical disturbance on hydro-chemical properties of clay

CLIPEX     1997-2003  

Monitoring of hydro-mechanical response to excavation of the Connecting gallery

CORALUS I, II, III, IV     1997-  

Research on the stability of the glass matrix under realistic disposal conditions, in the presence of a heat source and radiation

CONNECTING GALLERY           2001-2002  

Construction of a gallery on an industrial scale, using a tunnelling machine

CORROSION     1985-1997  

Experiments to test the deterioration (corrosion) of different waste packaging materials in contact with clay

ESDRED  EC   2004-2009  

Repository design studies

FORGE  EC   2011-  

Research on gas migration in the excavation-damaged zone

MEGAS  EC   1992-1996  

Study of gas formation and migration of gas in clay

MIGRATION     1988-  

Experiments to study the dispersion (migration) of radioactive substances in clay

MINE-BY-TEST     1984-2002  

Construction of a shaft and gallery in unfrozen clay

MODERN     2009-2013  

Development of a monitoring strategy and testing of monitoring sensors

MORPHEUS     2001-  

Research on any variability in pore water chemistry of Boom Clay

NF-PRO  EC   2004-2007  

- Study of the effect of oxidation on Boom Clay
- First borehole drilling using nitrogen
- In-situ pH measurement and in-situ pore water sampling

OPHELIE     1992-2002  

Surface testing of emplacement of radioactive waste in a disposal gallery

ORPHEUS     2000  

Study of the geochemistry (Eh and pH) of Boom Clay pore water

PEGASUS     2004  

Study of the evolution of the partial pressure of dissolved gas

PHEBUS  EC   1991-1995  

Study of the desiccation of clay induced by the ventilation in HADES

PRACLAY     2007-  

- Gallery & Crossing tests: construction of a gallery perpendicular to the main gallery
- Seal test: hydraulic sealing of the PRACLAY gallery
- Heater test: large-scale heating experiment to study the combined effect of heat and excavation on clay with the aim of confirming and refining existing knowledge on the subject

PRETEL     1994-2004   Design and testing of a system for installing the gallery lining in micro-tunnels in poorly indurated clay
RADWASTOM3  EC   1986-1989  

In-situ characterisation of Boom Clay behaviour

RESEAL I, II  EC   1997-2007  

Sealing of a borehole and shaft in poorly indurated clay

SELFRAC  EC   2001-2004  

Research on the self-sealing capacity of Boom Clay

TIMODAZ  EC   2006-2010  

Effect of increased temperature on the excavation-damaged zone around the galleries

TRANCOM  EC   1996-2004  

Study of the migration behaviour of organic material in clay