Exchange Meetings

The exchange meetings are organised by EURIDICE, SCK CEN and ONDRAF/NIRAS to share information about their activities in the field of radioactive waste disposal research. The working language of the meetings and the published proceedings is English.

26th Exchange Meeting: EURAD: Belgian achievements in the European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management, Friday 25 October 2024

25th Exchange Meeting: Surface disposal category A waste - Ondraf/Niras site Dessel, Tuesday 10 October 2023

24th Exchange Meeting: HADES40 special exchange meeting, Friday 9 December 2022

23rd Exchange Meeting: Public consultation on geological disposal & Renovation of Shaft 1 - HADES, Monday 30 March 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19

22nd Exchange Meeting: The role of monitoring in radioactive waste disposal, Tuesday 1 October 2019

21st Exchange Meeting: Cement materials for radioactive waste management: new insights and current RD&D programme, Monday 29 May 2017

20th Exchange Meeting: The PRACLAY Heater test - First results after one and a half years of heating, Wednesday 4 May 2016

19th Exchange MeetingThe long-term evolution of high-level waste forms, Tuesday 6 May 2014

18th Exchange MeetingInstrumentation and monitoring in radioactive waste repository research, Thursday 24 January 2013

17th Exchange MeetingStatus of the long-term management of radioactive waste in Belgium: The cAt project in Dessel and the Waste Plan for B&C waste, Wednesday 7 December 2011

16th Exchange MeetingStatus of the PRACLAY SEAL and HEATER experiment, Thursday 25 November 2010